Optimizing Tips: SEO Hacks to Increase Traffic to your Website in 2018.

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In today’s world, a business is only as relevant as its ranking on the google search result. Let’s say Tim created a killer website for sneakers and wants to reach his customers. He offers his product at a better price than all of his competition.

However, his website is on the tenth page of Google’s search result. Most people give up after the third page, to them Tim’s website doesn’t exist. Tim’s competitors use SEO to rank higher and appear on the first page, reaching a wider audience. There is high traffic on his competitor’s site and they are running out of stock due to excess demand.

Do you want to be like Tim or his competitors? To not be like Tim, let us dig deeper into SEO and flood our site with traffic, maybe run out of stock a couple of times.

As the saying goes -

Successful SEO is not about tricking Google, It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search result for Google users.

Phil Frost

In today's post I’m going to show you some trending search engine optimization hacks which will definitely jumpstart your natural search traffic.

Optimize your Website for Google’s First Index

It is one of the vital SEO hacks. You may be aware that Google gives more attention to mobile-friendly applications than desktop. So make sure your site is mobile-centric and adapts all the screen sizes perfectly.

Want to know the condition of your site and make it more user-friendly? Use the google tool Mobile-Friendly Test which is absolutely free.

Guest Posting

As you already familiar with the term - Guest Posting, It is nothing but a process by which you can provide content to other sites, and get backlink to your website. It’s one of the simplest strategy that comes with a supreme opportunity to help you build relationships with industry leaders and grab their audience’s attention.

To build stronger relations with the audience, it is necessary to write effective and informative posts that are equipped with appropriate information in which a reader can relate and find value.

Being a reader, you must have noticed that not everyone goes through the biography of the author, so I would suggest you that make your biography short and crisp so that it captures the reader's eyes. It is because if the biography is not noticeable, then no one gives attention.

Besides that, you can add links to your post which can add value to the content and make it more reliable. Not just that, you can also pitch in your own interesting articles which might again persuade the reader to click on the link. This will definitely give you a positive result.

Add Social Links in the Articles
Social Icons

This is an amazing way to get your content shared on social media. Did you know, adding Facebook or Twitter “share link” to the post is the reasons that the post sharing on social media increases by up to 70% by the reader.

Add some interesting quotes, strategies, and statistics to your article that encourages a person to tweet it.

Besides that start making engaging videos for LinkedIn, as the platform is well-recognized over time and has become the best source of traffic.

Use LSI Keywords for Content Optimization

LSI (Latent Semantic Intent) keywords are keywords and phrases that are associated with your target and main keywords. LSI keywords help Google in understanding the topic and what your page is all about.

I would recommend Google to search for keywords and refer the bottom section of the page for a list of LSI keywords.

For example: If you’re writing about Cake Recipes then the LSI keywords maybe:

  • Simple cake
  • Homemade
  • Easy
  • Chocolate
  • Best cake
  • Vanilla cake
  • Birthday cake etc.
LSI Keywords

Once Google sees all these keywords in your article, It will speculate that the article is definitely about Cake Recipes. It will then optimize your content with the LSI keywords which is one of the most crucial SEO hacks of all time.

Besides that, In order to find more LSI Keywords, I would suggest LSIGraph which is quite a good tool available for free. You just need to write some keywords or phrases and you’ll get a large list of relative terms.

Here is the example:

LSI Keywords
After that, Just put these keywords in your article.

Content Modification

In a content modification, what you have to do is, give a new look and feel to your existing post which was published some years ago. You can’t imagine how effective it is to get traffic from your blog post with content transformation.

The process is quite simple, just make interesting infographics, videos, podcast and add it in the article and you are done. This SEO hack will definitely add to the article.

Do Bloggers Outreach to Promote your posts

This SEO hack is my all-time favorite and it’s as simple as it sounds. You find a blogger who shares the same content in which you are interested . Basically, you try to find a blogger who would share your content too.

After making the list of the bloggers, start contacting them and tell them about the article that you are going to publish .

One Pro Tip: Never ask them to share the content and add the link in the content. Do let them read first. If they like your content, they’ll share without mentioning.

Republish Old Articles on Linkedin

There are so many platforms where you can syndicate your content, like medium and LinkedIn. Maybe your old content was so good and got a decent amount of shares previously but, there are possibilities that many people couldn’t know about it and can be benefitted now.

For that you just need to re publish your old content on the LinkedIn blog and write a note at the end stating that this article is originally published on www.xyz.com site.

Here is Neil Patel LinkedIn page. He regularly shares his old posts on LinkedIn. He syndicates the content and puts the link at the end of the article which points to the original content on his website. So I would say, This is a great practice and an effective SEO hack.

LSI Keywords
Create powerful Content through Question Analyser

There are many question answer sites such as Quora, Yahoo Answer, etc. With the help of these sites, you can easily know and find out the questions that your audience asks online. After that, all you have to do is, simply write an article and cover all these questions by answering effectively and then promote it on social media.

Post on Social Media at Strategic Time

Social media is one and the only way to share your content and connect with your audience. But don’t you think these things are worthless if your audience is not active at that time.
So, scheduling post at the right time is also very important.

So, here I am reducing your headache of finding out the correct time to post on social media.

Here is the infographic which shows how often should you posting and when should you be posting.

If you need a social media marketing plan, start here. LSI Keywords
Infographic source: https://buffer.com

Drive Traffic from Forum

Forums are the ultimate traffic catering source. Once you become an active member and make a good reputation among the other members then you will come across the crazy results. So find your niche based forum and be a participant.

Enter questions within your space, once you start getting responses. In your signature, you can put a link pointing to your website. It’s a great way to drive more traffic


So these are some essential tips to boost your website ranking in Google with simple yet easy steps. So if I missed anything in the article. Feel free to let us know via comments.

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